Bus, Tram, and Metro Transport in Belgium

Bus Flanders

When traveling within Belgium, the country is served by three main public transport companies for bus and tram services, catering to different regions: De Lijn, TEC, and MIVB.

De Lijn: De Lijn operates bus and tram services primarily in the Flemish-speaking region of Flanders. Their extensive network connects major cities, towns, and tourist destinations throughout Flanders, providing an efficient and convenient mode of transportation. Ticket prices vary depending on the distance traveled, with single-journey tickets typically ranging from €2 to €4. More information can be found on their website: www.delijn.be.

TEC: TEC is responsible for bus services in the French-speaking region of Wallonia. Their buses cover various cities, towns, and rural areas in Wallonia, offering reliable transportation options for both locals and tourists. The ticket prices for TEC buses are based on zones, with fares ranging from €1.20 for a short trip within a zone to €6.40 for a longer journey across multiple zones. For more details, visit their website: www.infotec.be.

MIVB: MIVB, also known as STIB, operates the bus, tram, and metro services in the bilingual region of Brussels-Capital. Their network connects the city of Brussels and its surrounding areas, providing efficient transportation for residents and visitors alike. MIVB offers various ticket options, including single-journey tickets starting from €2 for short trips and day passes for €7.50 that allow unlimited travel within the Brussels-Capital Region. Visit their website for detailed information: www.stib-mivb.be.

Ticketing: Each transport company has its own ticketing system and fare structure. Tickets can usually be purchased at ticket vending machines located at major stops, onboard buses and trams, or through mobile apps. It's advisable to check the respective company's website or inquire at information centers for ticket options, including single-journey tickets, day passes, and multi-day passes.

Timetables: Timetables for bus and tram services can be accessed through the websites of the respective transport companies. These timetables provide detailed information about the routes, schedules, and frequency of services. Plan your journey ahead of time by referring to the official websites for accurate and up-to-date schedules.

Familiarize yourself with the specific services and ticketing systems of each transport company to ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience within Belgium. Enjoy exploring the different regions with the reliable bus and tram services provided by De Lijn, TEC, and MIVB.